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Obama, you be kidding me

President Obama's proposed budget:

  1. Will Nationalize all income above $250,000
  2. Wants to totally Nationalize healthcare
  3. Is in the process of Nationalizing our banks
  4. Nationalizes student loans
  5. Nationalizes sales taxes on energy production
  6. 66 Trillion unfunded liability
  7. No fiscal responsibility whatsoever on the real entitlement spending
  8. No plan to get out of debt systematically
  9. Caps discretionary spending at  prior raised levels
  10. Unsustainable deficit that is 4-5% of the GDP
  11. Public Debt at 80% of the GDP
  12. Will devalue our dollar since it is unsustainable and people will not want to buy our debt
  13. Raise taxes and force inflation
This is generational theft and a burden being left to our kids that neither we nor they can sustain.

Sen. Gregg Blasts White House Budget Chief on Capitol Hill Over Obama's Plan to Use TARP as a "Piggy Bank"